Things to do in Argentina: 40 Unmissable Suggestions

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Argentina is an amazing country and offers many interesting sights and attractions to visit.

And if you plan to visit the country, check out our list with some suggestions of attractions and must-see places that will inspire you.

Things to do in Argentina

1. Go to a Tango Show

O que fazer na ArgentinaPhoto Credit: Nathana Rebouças

Anyone visiting Argentina cannot miss a tango show.

In Buenos Aires, there are numerous tango houses, but you can also enjoy this beautiful dance in neighborhoods such as Caminito in La Boca and also in San Telmo.

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2. Walk through the “Bosques de Palermo”

Parque em Buenos AiresPalermo Buenos Aires – Photo Credit: Benjamin Rascoe

Buenos Aires has many plazas and beautiful green spaces, and walking through the Bosques de Palermo is a must.

3. Have Lunch in Puerto Madero

A linda região de Puerto Madero em Buenos AiresPuerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero enchants visitors with the numerous restaurant options along the river.

It is one of the most modern and also one of the most beautiful areas in Buenos Aires.

4. Explore the Colorful Area of Caminito

Explorar a Área Colorida de CaminitoCaminito, Buenos Aires

One of the symbols of Buenos Aires, the colorful area of Caminito is worth a visit.

The area is full of restaurants with tango dancers, and souvenir shops, and in its surroundings, you can also find the La Bombonera stadium of the famous Argentinean soccer club, Boca Juniors.

5. Taking a Picture on the Façade of the Casa Rosada

Tirar uma Foto na Fachada da Casa Rosada©Casa Rosada

In the heart of the Plaza de Mayo is the Casa Rosada, the most emblematic building in Buenos Aires.

Besides taking a picture of the facade of the house, the Casa Rosada Museum is also worth a visit.

6. Go to a Bar in Palermo or Las Cañitas

Vida Noturna Agitada em Buenos AiresNightlife in Buenos Aires

The nightlife in Buenos Aires is very lively, and those visiting the city cannot miss a bar in the trendiest areas of the city, Palermo or Las Cañitas.

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7. Visit the Museo de la Pasión Boquense at La Bombonera Stadium

Atrações e Pontos Turísticos da ArgentinaLa Bombonera Buenos Aires

It is no news that Argentines are fanatical about soccer, and all this passion for the sport can be seen in the museum at Boca Juniors’ famous La Bombonera stadium.

8. Visit Various Museums in Buenos Aires

Melhores Atrações para Visitar na ArgentinaMuseo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Buenos Aires is home to numerous world-class museums, among the most prominent museums are the Malba, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, and the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum.

9. Afternoon Tea at Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires©Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is an elegant hotel in Buenos Aires, and having afternoon tea in its beautiful garden is a great experience.

10. Visit the famous El Ateneo Bookstore

Visitar a Famosa Livraria El AteneoPhoto Credit: Jeison Higuita

One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, Livraria El Ateneo is a must-see in Buenos Aires.

The bookstore also has a charming café.

11. Go to a Concert at Teatro Colón

O Teatro Colón é conhecido por sua acústica, e os amantes da música não podem deixar de assistir um concerto nesse lindo teatro de 1.908.Teatro Colón

The Colón Theater is known for its acoustics, and music lovers cannot miss seeing a concert in this beautiful theater from 1908.

12. Shopping at Calle Florida and Galerías Pacífico Mall

Fazer Compras na Calle Florida e Shopping Galerías Pacífico©Galerías Pacífico

One of the busiest areas of Buenos AiresCalle Florida, is home to numerous stores and offers great options for shopping, and it is also worth a visit to the beautiful Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall shopping center in the area.

13. Explore the Recoleta neighborhood

Explorar o Bairro de RecoletaRecoleta, Buenos Aires – Photo Credit: Christian von Koenig

The Recoleta neighborhood is the most elegant neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is home to great restaurants, cafes, and shopping, as well as many of the city’s most important attractions.

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14. Do a Round Trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Fazer uma Viagem de bate-volta de Buenos Aires até Colônia do SacramentoPhoto Credit: Hector Ramon Perez

The charming city of Colonia del Sacramento can easily be reached from Buenos Aires by boat or on a tour.

The trip takes less than two hours and is not to be missed.

15. Exploring San Telmo Neighborhood in Buenos Aires

Explorar o Bairro de San Telmo em Buenos AiresPhoto Credit: Andrea Leopardi

San Telmo neighborhood is a bohemian area of Buenos Aires that is home to the San Telmo Fair on Sundays.

The neighborhood is also famous for its tango show venues.

16. Tasting a Craft Beer

Saborear uma Cerveja Artesanal©Antares

In Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina, you will find many options for artisanal beers, and it is worth visiting one of the Antares microbreweries.

17. Visit the Waterfalls on the Argentine Side

Visitar as Cataratas no Lado ArgentinoPhoto Credit: Marcel Porto

The waterfalls are one of the most impressive attractions in Argentina. And no doubt visiting the Argentine side of the falls is a must.

18. Skiing in Bariloche

Esquiar em BarilochePhoto Credit: Federico Persiani

Bariloche is a beloved destination, especially during the winter month.

This beautiful city in the Patagonian region is home to the Cerro Catedral, the largest and most developed ski resort in Latin America.

19. Enjoy the View of Bariloche from Cerro Campanario

Linda Vista a partir do Cerro CampanárioView from Cerro Campanario

Cerro Campanario is another must-see attraction in Bariloche, from the top of the hill you can have beautiful 360° views of the city and the lakes.

20. Do the Circuito Chico in Bariloche

Fazer o Circuito Chico em BarilocheView from the Circuito Chico viewpoint

Circuito Chico, which also includes a stop at Cerro Campanario, is one of the most popular tours to take in Bariloche.

From the Circuito Chico viewpoint, the view of the lake, mountains, and the elegant Llao Llao Hotel will enchant you.

21. Strolling through the Civic Center in Bariloche

Passear pelo Centro Cívico em BarilocheBariloche Civic Center

The Civic Center area is the heart of the city of Bariloche, and in its surroundings, there are numerous options for stores, chocolate boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

22. Going to a Brewery in Bariloche

Cerveza Patagonia em Bariloche©Cervecería Patagonia

Bariloche has great brewery options, and the most outstanding and well-worth visit is Cervecería Patagonia.

23. Explore the Seven Lakes Route

Explorar a Rota dos Sete LagosNahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina

The Seven Lakes Route is a route that passes by beautiful lakes. There are numerous tours available from Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes.

24. Visit the charming Villa la Angostura

Visitar a Charmosa Villa la AngosturaPhoto Credit: Claudio Antonelli

The Seven Lakes Route includes a stop at the charming Villa la Angostura, located on the northwest shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

25. Visit Victoria Island

Visitar a Isla VictoriaIsla Victoria, Argentina

Another popular trip for those in Bariloche is to visit Isla Victoria, boats leave from Puerto Pañuelo, and from the boat the view of the lake and mountains is spectacular.

26. Visit Wineries in Mendoza

Visitar Vinícolas em Mendoza©Bodega Zuccardi Valle de Uco

Argentina is famous for its wines, and Mendoza is home to Bodega Zuccardi Valle de Uco, considered the best winery in the world in 2020 by World´s Best Vineyards.

27. Shopping at the Supermarket

Fazer Comprinhas no SupermercadoPhoto Credit: Hermes Rivera

In the supermarkets in Argentina, you will find options of alfajores, wines, and dulce de leche at great prices.

So it is well worth visiting a supermarket during your visit.

28. Try Dulce de Leche

Experimentar o Dulce de LechePhoto Credit: Bruna Branco

An Argentine classic, dulce de leche is present in many desserts such as alfajores, ice cream, and cakes.

Whoever visits the country cannot fail to try this delicacy.

29. Try the Famous Fernet Drink with Coke

Experimentar a Famosa Bebida Fernet com CocaPhoto Credit: Paul Sableman

Fernet is the favorite drink of Argentineans in the “boliches” and bars. If you visit one of the bars in Palermo or Las Cañitas you can’t miss trying it.

30. Attend the Oktoberfest at Villa General Belgrano in Córdoba

Participar da Oktoberfest na Villa General Belgrano em Córdoba©Oktoberfest Argentina

Argentina hosts the second largest Oktoberfest in Latin America, after Blumenau’s Oktoberfest.

The festival receives thousands of visitors every year and has been held since 1930 in Villa General BelgranoCordoba.

31. Skiing in San Martín de los Andes

Esquiar em San Martín de los Andes©Cerro Chapelco

San Martín de los Andes is not as visited as Bariloche, but it is also home to a ski resort, Cerro Chapelco.

The destination can easily be combined with a trip to Bariloche via the famous Seven Lakes Route.

32. Try the Delicious Meats

A Argentina é um país conhecido por suas deliciosas carnes, você não pode deixar de experimentar o famoso bife de chorizo e os medallones de lomo.©Cabaña Las Lilas

Argentina is a country known for its delicious meats, you can’t miss trying the famous chorizo steak and medallones de lomo.

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33. Eating Medialunas for Breakfast

Comer Medialunas no Café da ManhãPhoto Credit: Sergio Arze

Medialunas are a classic of the Argentinean table during breakfast and afternoon snacks.

34. Buy and Try Various Alfajores

Comprar e Experimentar Diversos Alfajores©Cachafaz

In Argentina, you should also try the various options of alfajores, which can be bought in supermarkets, “kioscos”, and also in classic places like Cachafaz and Havanna.

35. Try the Delicious Empanadas

Experimentar as Deliciosas Empanadas©Cabaña Las Lilas

The empanada is another Argentine classic that you must try.

There are several flavor options like the famous empanadas salteñas and options of cheese, meat, cebolla, queso brie, and others.

36. Visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park

Ushuaia Tierra del FuegoPhoto Credit: Francisco Ghisletti

Tierra del Fuego National Park is located in UshuaiaTierra del Fuego.

The park is without a doubt one of the unmissable places to visit in Argentina, it is a beautiful area with lakes, Patagonian forest, and rich wildlife.

37. Take a Boat Ride through the Beagle Channel

Fazer um Passeio de Barco pelo Canal de BeaglePhoto Credit: Dennis Fidalgo

It is also very worthwhile to take a boat trip across the Beagle Strait in Ushuaia’s Tierra del Fuego region.

38. Skiing in Cerro Castor

Esquiar em Cerro Castor©Cerro Castor

Cerro Castor is another ski resort in Argentina and is located in Ushuaia.

39. Take a Walk on the Walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier

Fazer um Passeio pelas Passarelas do Glaciar Perito MorenoPhoto Credit: Celio Lourenço

Glaciar Perito MorenoGlaciar Perito Moreno – Photo Credit: Birger Strahl

Another classic and unmissable is to take a walk along the walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

40. Visit Mar del Plata on the Atlantic Coast

Visitar Mar del Plata na Costa do AtlânticoPhoto Credit: Fermin Rodriguez Penelas

Mar del Plata is a coastal tourist city located 415 km from Buenos Aires. The city has a long stretch of beaches.

Top Destinations to Visit

  • Buenos Aires
  • Bariloche
  • San Martín de los Andes
  • Puerto Iguazú
  • Ushuaia
  • El Calafate
  • Mendoza
  • Córdoba
  • Mar del Plata

Airline Tickets

Passagens Aéreas para Argentina PreçoPhoto Credit: Juan Pablo Mascanfroni

The price of airfare to Argentina will depend on the city of destination and origin.

To give you an idea of the prices, below we detail the average airfare considering the popular destinations to visit in the country.

  • Airfare from São Paulo to Buenos Aires- $226,67
  • Airfare from São Paulo to Bariloche – $336,65
  • Airfare from São Paulo to Mendoza – $270,69
  • Airfare from São Paulo to Ushuaia – $342,72
  • Airfare from São Paulo to Cordoba – $294,19

Travel Packages

Pacotes de Viagens Argentina PreçoPhoto Credit: Fernando Tavora

For travelers who prefer to hire a travel package, the price of a package to Buenos Aires considering 4 days costs from $242,57.

A package to Bariloche costs from $455,00 for 5 days.

And a package to visit Buenos AiresEl Calafate, and Ushuaia considering 8 nights costs from $701,00.

Featured Photo by Francisco Ghisletti

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