10 Argentinean Brands of Clothing and Accessories

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If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires, and you are the kind of traveler who loves shopping, below you will find information about some Argentinean brands of clothing and accessories for a variety of styles and tastes.

Argentinean Brands of Clothing and Accessories

1. Prüne

Prüne Marca Argentina de Roupa©Prüne

Prüne is a famous Argentinean brand of clothing, shoes, and handbags.

The brand was founded in the year 1999 and today has stores spread throughout ArgentinaChile, and Uruguay.

In Buenos Aires, the brand has stores in several places, including malls Pátio Bullrich, El Solar Shopping, Recoleta Mall, Galerías Pacíficoand an outlet in Gurruchaga.

Site: www.prune.com.ar

2. Rapsodia

Rapsodia Marca Argentina©Rapsodia

Rapsodia is another famous Argentinean clothing brand based in Buenos Aires, founded in the year 1999.

The brand has 53 stores in Argentina and 43 stores abroad.

Site: www.rapsodia.com.ar

3. Sarkany

Sarkany Marca Argentina©Sarkany

Founded in 1985, Sarkany is a leading shoe company in Argentina.

The brand has more than 60 exclusive stores in South America and leads e-commerce in its sector.

Besides shoes, the company also designs, produces, and imports handbags, wallets, eyeglasses, and perfumes.

Site: www.rickysarkany.com

4. MuaA!

Muaa Marca Argentina©MuaA!

MuaA!  is the favorite clothing brand of teenage girls.

The company was founded in 1983 and has stores in Buenos Aires and also in the countryside.

Site: www.muaa.com.ar

5. Caro Cuore

Caro Cuore Marca Argentina©Caro Cuore

Caro Cuore is a leading Argentinean international company in the creation and design of lingerie, pajamas, and homeware of the highest quality.

The brand has stores in the main shopping centers of Buenos Aires, and also stores in Barrio NorteMicrocentro, and Gurruchaga.

Site: www.carocuore.com

6. Ayres

Ayres Marca Argentina©Ayres

Ayres is an Argentinean brand founded in 1997 dedicated to the design, manufacture, and sale of women’s clothing.

The brand has several stores, including in the Recoleta MallUnicenter Shopping, and El Solar Shopping malls.

Site: www.ayres.com.ar

7. Akiabara

Akiabara Marca Argentina©Akiabara

Akiabara is an Argentinean brand that specializes in women’s and children’s clothing.

The brand can be found in the shopping centers Alto Palermo ShoppingPatio BullrichGalerías Pacífico, and others.

Site: akiabara.com

8. Maria Cher

Maria Cher©Maria Cher

Cher is a brand that develops women’s clothing, accessories, swimwear, and children’s clothing.

The brand has stores in Buenos Aires in the main malls and also has stores in other cities in ArgentinaChile, and Uruguay.

Site: www.maria-cher.com.ar

9. Kosiuko

Kosiuko Marca Argentina©Kosiuko

Kosiuko is an Argentinean company of the KOWZEF S.A. group, founded in 1992.

Besides selling women’s and children’s clothes, the brand also has products for the home.

Site: www.kosiuko.com

10. Paula Cahen d’Anvers

Paula Cahen d'Anvers Marca Argentina©Paula Cahen d’Anvers

Founded in 1994, Paula Cahen d’Anvers is an Argentinean brand of women’s clothing for children and babies.

The brand can be found in Buenos Aires in the Alcorta ShoppingUnicenterRecoleta Mall, and Galerías Pacífico malls.

Site: www.paulacahendanvers.com.ar

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